Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So its really hard to find things to write about when I'm alone 70% of the time and as we know I'm stuck in the same room all day every day so I mean... what do I have to say?
I am trying to keep you all as updated as possible but I'm losing my mind and so I can not even be bothered to go on the computer most days.

I did make it to 28 weeks as of yesterday! So awesome. Unfortunately still a lot of badness at this age so we need to keep praying that he says in the oven. If I make it to 34 weeks they will induce me because its a lot more sketch to keep him in than to take him out. So we will be 4 no later than April 5th!

Since I did make it to 28 weeks I'm starting to have a lot more hope. I have been trying to stay positive but its very hard to get attached to something that has such a huge chance of not making it. But I am trusting God with all my heart and am really starting to get into the baby thing. I even agreed to have a shower at the hospital and started registering! Seeing all that lil baby stuff is making me remember how much I love babies and actually WANTED one before all this. I have basically been terrified of babies for 5 weeks now, so its about time to start getting ready.

So just anther week over here... Im running out of books so if anyone knows of anymore good ones send them my way : )

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I don't have a lot to say right now. I had an ultrasound this morning and everything looks pretty good. My fluid level is still high enough to keep the baby inside so that's always really good. His Development is normal, which is good and bad. Hes always been at least a week above average and so his growth has slowed down a bit, but still normal so that's great!

Everything is still stable... Im so bored and over this...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am loosing my mind a little bit. I'm at the point where I cant seem to read or cross stitch or anything. I am just over being in bed in the same room with same walls all around... ahhhh!

luckily for me Luca brings some sweet surprises when she comes.

The other day Jimi took her to market and when he came back said, "Naomi, it was so crazy, Luca must have been hungry because she grabbed a block of cheese and started chewing on it plastic and all". So I said, "well Jim what did she have for lunch?" Jim's face said it all... Luca had not had lunch. So she took her nutrition into her own hands and eat a half block of cheese! Just straight non organic block of cheese!
Later that night Emily came to pick Luca up just in time for Luca to projectile vomit all over the hospital room about 7 times! Poor dreamer! And poor Emily having to clean up after a kid thats not even hers! Good friend man!

Well thats about all the excitement in my world.

I am a rupture not a slow leak like they thought a week or 2 ago because this week Ive been leaking and spotting again. So please keep the prayers coming. I was forbidden by Jimi to google, but I disobeyed yesterday and I googled. I googled BIG time. And now I am of coarse terrified! Never should have done it! pregnant woman should not use the internet.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


The big 25 happened Monday! A very celebrated day! From now on its totally up to my unnamed child and Jesus on when he comes out and how healthy he will be. I say unnamed because for years I wanted to name my baby boy Embry. Jimi 100% hated this name from the get-go. I tried EVERYTHING to get him to like, including the same technique I used with naming Luca, which was, after months of fighting to just start calling the kid the name I chose and hope he would follow from habit. It never took with this guy.
But at 1am on January 17th as we sat scared and alone in a Florida hospital I heard a sweet slip of the lips, and TADAAA I WON! Jimi told me "of coarse his name is Embry babe" "you just keep being strong and we will name our son Embry"! All it took was a quick water break and an extended vaca in hospital and poof I get my wish!

Well as I have been laying here in hospital and have Dr.s, nurses, specialist, and NICU workers come and tell me what this lil guy is most likely in for, I'm rethinking the name! I imagined 'Embry' going to Yale and possible being a word renown genius with such an extraordinary name. I do not however see 'Embry' as the type of boy who is a fighter. And that is what he needs to be. So Yale will have to wait on this one, I'm living in the moment and naming my boy a strong name! No sucker punches on the play ground for this kid! And hopefully after some years, Ill have gotten over this excruciating time in our lives, and start the hunt for leather woven shoes and settle on Harverd for my lil fighter.