Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here I am... 30 weeks and going strong! well as strong as someone who is losing there mind can be. I went out side for the first time in about 7 weeks yesterday! It was amazing! Im only aloud out for 30 minutes a day but hey, in this crazy world that's at least something. Can anyone imagine not getting fresh air for 7 weeks? INSANE. By the end of this I will either be the strongest most patient person ever, or I will be insane. It could go either way at this point...

I also want to apologize if I haven't been much of a phone person lately. I know it seems to all of you that I have nothing but time on my hands to chat, but I am so mentally spent everyday just trying to get through the day that I really have got no strength for small talk... I am feeling incredible mental attacks the last few weeks. I rarely sleep and when I do i have horrible night mares. My room is right by the nurses station and they are so load at night that when I do fall asleep a get woken up every 10 minutes, along with being woken up (not exaggerating) about 7 times a night for checks by Doctors and nurses... OVER IT. So I am really just trying to get through each hour and honestly just don't have any energy to talk. But I love and miss you all and am soooo grateful for all the thoughts, prayers, packages, help with Luca, help with moving, diners and everything else we have been so blessed with.

The Doctors tell me 30 weeks is really great for someone in my condition. I am one of the very few and lucky ones that has made it this far. At 32 weeks the baby's brain is pretty much sealed so his chances of being perfect are about 90% or more! That's less than 2 weeks away! I think I can handle that. Unfortunately even at 34 weeks there's a 70% chance of him having to stay in the NICU for a month or so... Soo sad. Jimi and I took a tour of the NICU levels 2 and 3. the babies are so small it doesn't even seem real. One lil guy we saw was 30 weeks, 3 lbs, 13 inches and the nurse said that's a really good 30 weeker! Insane. His lil foot looked like one of Lucas dolls. Another one we saw was 35 weeks and he had IVs and breathing machines and was still sooo small. If anyone ever has extra time on their hands please pray for these lil fighters and their Mommys. It is such a scary place. It seems so unfair that God would let a lil baby be in that much pain the second they enter the world. I can only pray that my lil man will be one of the lucky ones that can go home soon after delivery. I mean God has done so many miracles why stop now right?

Everything else is still the same. I'm 30-2 today. If I make it to 34 they will induce me. At the moment he is head down and i can do it naturally which is so nice to hear. I DO NOT want a c-section. The last thing I need is to get out of here after 3 months and still not be able to hold Luca. So hopefully this kid will cooperate in one way and stay head down! I am having a shower on the 21st and that's exciting. Have some friends around and get all prepared for this lil guy to make his debut.

So Goal for now is making it 32 weeks. Thats March 22. Anything after that is just icing!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am really doing it! The baby is looking good and hopefully he'll stay in my belly for a few more weeks. I have a few fun things to look forward to that i think may make the next 5 weeks go by alil faster.

-30 weeks I get to go outside for 30 minutes a few times a week! this is a huge deal because I haven't left my room for over 6 weeks. Only 6 days away!
-31 weeks Luvi is coming to do my hair! another super exciting thing because at the moment Im looking pretty nasty.
-32 weeks Im having a baby shower!
-33 weeks only one week left until baby comes! His chances of being completely normal at this age is like 90% so that is also a huge thing!
-34 weeks lil man arrives!

Silly maybe for you all but for me its the small things that get me through the week.
Other than that nothing to excited going on here. I've become obsessed with The Office! I cant believe I never saw a signal episode until last week : )

Thank you all for the continued prayer. We still needs a lot more to get us through the next few weeks. And we still need tons of prayer for the baby because even at 34 weeks theres no guarantee he'll make it. soooo PRAY PRAY PRAY please!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So its really hard to find things to write about when I'm alone 70% of the time and as we know I'm stuck in the same room all day every day so I mean... what do I have to say?
I am trying to keep you all as updated as possible but I'm losing my mind and so I can not even be bothered to go on the computer most days.

I did make it to 28 weeks as of yesterday! So awesome. Unfortunately still a lot of badness at this age so we need to keep praying that he says in the oven. If I make it to 34 weeks they will induce me because its a lot more sketch to keep him in than to take him out. So we will be 4 no later than April 5th!

Since I did make it to 28 weeks I'm starting to have a lot more hope. I have been trying to stay positive but its very hard to get attached to something that has such a huge chance of not making it. But I am trusting God with all my heart and am really starting to get into the baby thing. I even agreed to have a shower at the hospital and started registering! Seeing all that lil baby stuff is making me remember how much I love babies and actually WANTED one before all this. I have basically been terrified of babies for 5 weeks now, so its about time to start getting ready.

So just anther week over here... Im running out of books so if anyone knows of anymore good ones send them my way : )

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I don't have a lot to say right now. I had an ultrasound this morning and everything looks pretty good. My fluid level is still high enough to keep the baby inside so that's always really good. His Development is normal, which is good and bad. Hes always been at least a week above average and so his growth has slowed down a bit, but still normal so that's great!

Everything is still stable... Im so bored and over this...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am loosing my mind a little bit. I'm at the point where I cant seem to read or cross stitch or anything. I am just over being in bed in the same room with same walls all around... ahhhh!

luckily for me Luca brings some sweet surprises when she comes.

The other day Jimi took her to market and when he came back said, "Naomi, it was so crazy, Luca must have been hungry because she grabbed a block of cheese and started chewing on it plastic and all". So I said, "well Jim what did she have for lunch?" Jim's face said it all... Luca had not had lunch. So she took her nutrition into her own hands and eat a half block of cheese! Just straight non organic block of cheese!
Later that night Emily came to pick Luca up just in time for Luca to projectile vomit all over the hospital room about 7 times! Poor dreamer! And poor Emily having to clean up after a kid thats not even hers! Good friend man!

Well thats about all the excitement in my world.

I am a rupture not a slow leak like they thought a week or 2 ago because this week Ive been leaking and spotting again. So please keep the prayers coming. I was forbidden by Jimi to google, but I disobeyed yesterday and I googled. I googled BIG time. And now I am of coarse terrified! Never should have done it! pregnant woman should not use the internet.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


The big 25 happened Monday! A very celebrated day! From now on its totally up to my unnamed child and Jesus on when he comes out and how healthy he will be. I say unnamed because for years I wanted to name my baby boy Embry. Jimi 100% hated this name from the get-go. I tried EVERYTHING to get him to like, including the same technique I used with naming Luca, which was, after months of fighting to just start calling the kid the name I chose and hope he would follow from habit. It never took with this guy.
But at 1am on January 17th as we sat scared and alone in a Florida hospital I heard a sweet slip of the lips, and TADAAA I WON! Jimi told me "of coarse his name is Embry babe" "you just keep being strong and we will name our son Embry"! All it took was a quick water break and an extended vaca in hospital and poof I get my wish!

Well as I have been laying here in hospital and have Dr.s, nurses, specialist, and NICU workers come and tell me what this lil guy is most likely in for, I'm rethinking the name! I imagined 'Embry' going to Yale and possible being a word renown genius with such an extraordinary name. I do not however see 'Embry' as the type of boy who is a fighter. And that is what he needs to be. So Yale will have to wait on this one, I'm living in the moment and naming my boy a strong name! No sucker punches on the play ground for this kid! And hopefully after some years, Ill have gotten over this excruciating time in our lives, and start the hunt for leather woven shoes and settle on Harverd for my lil fighter.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just a quick funny story for those of you not in FL.

The other night Jimi and I were really missing Luca and decided to have her stay the night in hospital with us. Well Jimi didn't want to bring the pack&play cause he thought it would take up to much space and so he decided that he and Luca would sleep on his fold out cot. now Jimis cot is a lil couch that folds out into a twin size bed with a mattress from about 1973. I felt this was a bad idea but hey its his rest right? I remember in the middle of night getting up to use the bathroom and seeing Luca comfortably sprawled out on the bed and poor lil Jim clinging to the bottom corner of the mattress curled up so small I almost got them confused! Hilarious! Well the next morning I heard sad lil girl crys and when I looked over it was Jimi. apparently Luca had woken up taken off her diaper went back to sleep and wet the bed! when I say wet the bed, I mean wet Jimi since they were sleeping so close! Poor Jimi Storey...
If Luca stays from now on she will be sleeping in the Pack&play.

well Monday is officially 25 weeks! I will have been here for... almost 16 days at that point! 16 days sitting in the same bed, not leaving the same room, starring at the same wall, and being away form my baby. This is how people go insane... The Dr. said I can get wheeled outside at 30wks... thats 5 weeks away. OMG!

A Better note is that Embry(if thats his real name) is looking good. No signs of stress, infection, or loss of more fluid. We'll be able to tell a bit better when I have my next ultrasound. But for now hes being a good lil fighter. Please continue to pray that he stays in there until at least 30wks, is healthy, strong, smart, normal and can come home soon after deliver.(wherever home might be by then!)

I really want to keep thanking everyone for all your thoughts, prayers, food, packages, donations, cards, flowers, and help with Luca. We're so lucky to have friends and family like you guys : )

Well the exciting part of my day is about to begin... SHOWER! it is what a look forward to most of all. i get to stand for like 5 minutes! and im in a different room! granite its within the same room im always in but hey its a different wall in front of me for a few minutes!

My dear friend Tonya is flying down from PA tonight for a few days so that should be a lovely change of pace!