Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So its really hard to find things to write about when I'm alone 70% of the time and as we know I'm stuck in the same room all day every day so I mean... what do I have to say?
I am trying to keep you all as updated as possible but I'm losing my mind and so I can not even be bothered to go on the computer most days.

I did make it to 28 weeks as of yesterday! So awesome. Unfortunately still a lot of badness at this age so we need to keep praying that he says in the oven. If I make it to 34 weeks they will induce me because its a lot more sketch to keep him in than to take him out. So we will be 4 no later than April 5th!

Since I did make it to 28 weeks I'm starting to have a lot more hope. I have been trying to stay positive but its very hard to get attached to something that has such a huge chance of not making it. But I am trusting God with all my heart and am really starting to get into the baby thing. I even agreed to have a shower at the hospital and started registering! Seeing all that lil baby stuff is making me remember how much I love babies and actually WANTED one before all this. I have basically been terrified of babies for 5 weeks now, so its about time to start getting ready.

So just anther week over here... Im running out of books so if anyone knows of anymore good ones send them my way : )


  1. So are you too bummed to play on your phone? Cuz people are like, what's she doing that she doesn't answer or respond?...but I know what that's like when you're too spent to even deal. Anyway, I have something to send you that I couldn't before, so hopefully you'll get it and it will help. Love you. And don't worry, that lil guy is going to be FINE!

  2. Why not right a book about a girl in the hospital that goes crazy. The plot could be that mean people in the hospital are showing up stabbed in the face and know one can figure out who has done it.

  3. Hey Wow 28 weeks that is awesome, my mom says she saw your name on Dr. Burgey's charts today and thought of you and is praying. And 28 weeks is a great place to be! You have made it far, and that baby boy is gonna do great!