Thursday, February 4, 2010


The big 25 happened Monday! A very celebrated day! From now on its totally up to my unnamed child and Jesus on when he comes out and how healthy he will be. I say unnamed because for years I wanted to name my baby boy Embry. Jimi 100% hated this name from the get-go. I tried EVERYTHING to get him to like, including the same technique I used with naming Luca, which was, after months of fighting to just start calling the kid the name I chose and hope he would follow from habit. It never took with this guy.
But at 1am on January 17th as we sat scared and alone in a Florida hospital I heard a sweet slip of the lips, and TADAAA I WON! Jimi told me "of coarse his name is Embry babe" "you just keep being strong and we will name our son Embry"! All it took was a quick water break and an extended vaca in hospital and poof I get my wish!

Well as I have been laying here in hospital and have Dr.s, nurses, specialist, and NICU workers come and tell me what this lil guy is most likely in for, I'm rethinking the name! I imagined 'Embry' going to Yale and possible being a word renown genius with such an extraordinary name. I do not however see 'Embry' as the type of boy who is a fighter. And that is what he needs to be. So Yale will have to wait on this one, I'm living in the moment and naming my boy a strong name! No sucker punches on the play ground for this kid! And hopefully after some years, Ill have gotten over this excruciating time in our lives, and start the hunt for leather woven shoes and settle on Harverd for my lil fighter.


  1. Nom you are adorable. This post made me smile. : )

  2. Go Nomi! You totally got this :-) Can't wait to hear the strong name you pick for that fighter!

  3. Thanks for making me smile today :)

  4. Ohmygosh Nome you are hilarious! If I think of anything perfect I'll text you....
    So, I'm to have a famously brilliant Ivy Leaguer for a nephew? AND he's a quick-on-his-feet street-smart cowboy, too? I'm so proud. Sort of John Wayne goes to Yale, huh? Love you :-)