Saturday, January 30, 2010


Just a quick funny story for those of you not in FL.

The other night Jimi and I were really missing Luca and decided to have her stay the night in hospital with us. Well Jimi didn't want to bring the pack&play cause he thought it would take up to much space and so he decided that he and Luca would sleep on his fold out cot. now Jimis cot is a lil couch that folds out into a twin size bed with a mattress from about 1973. I felt this was a bad idea but hey its his rest right? I remember in the middle of night getting up to use the bathroom and seeing Luca comfortably sprawled out on the bed and poor lil Jim clinging to the bottom corner of the mattress curled up so small I almost got them confused! Hilarious! Well the next morning I heard sad lil girl crys and when I looked over it was Jimi. apparently Luca had woken up taken off her diaper went back to sleep and wet the bed! when I say wet the bed, I mean wet Jimi since they were sleeping so close! Poor Jimi Storey...
If Luca stays from now on she will be sleeping in the Pack&play.

well Monday is officially 25 weeks! I will have been here for... almost 16 days at that point! 16 days sitting in the same bed, not leaving the same room, starring at the same wall, and being away form my baby. This is how people go insane... The Dr. said I can get wheeled outside at 30wks... thats 5 weeks away. OMG!

A Better note is that Embry(if thats his real name) is looking good. No signs of stress, infection, or loss of more fluid. We'll be able to tell a bit better when I have my next ultrasound. But for now hes being a good lil fighter. Please continue to pray that he stays in there until at least 30wks, is healthy, strong, smart, normal and can come home soon after deliver.(wherever home might be by then!)

I really want to keep thanking everyone for all your thoughts, prayers, food, packages, donations, cards, flowers, and help with Luca. We're so lucky to have friends and family like you guys : )

Well the exciting part of my day is about to begin... SHOWER! it is what a look forward to most of all. i get to stand for like 5 minutes! and im in a different room! granite its within the same room im always in but hey its a different wall in front of me for a few minutes!

My dear friend Tonya is flying down from PA tonight for a few days so that should be a lovely change of pace!

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  1. I almost peed myself laughing so hard about Jimi crying like a little girl and being peed on. Oh goodness, I continue to pray and hope Tonya is a blessing to you