Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well im not very good at journaling but I thought in this circumstance it might be time to give it a go…

Im on day 4 of my hospital stay here in Orlando fl. Let me do a quick recap.

Sunday morning around 1 am I woke up soaking wet and knew something wasn’t right. Jimi suggested I peed the bed of coarse he thought it was sooo funny and wantd to tell everyone. After calling my Dr. back in PA we rushed to the hospital where after hours of bad news after bad news about what the likely outcome would be, I was admitted on strict bed rest in the perinatal high risk unit until I have the baby. What happened was my water broke at only 23 weeks. Until a baby is 25 weeks its considered more cruel and dangerous to try and save it than to just let nature take its coarse. Well like I said Im at day 4 today. 12 days left until I get to the official 25 week marker. Im on about 9 trillion antibiotics iv drips and get visited by all the special Dr at least once a day as well as my normal Dr., residents, and nurses doing constant checks on me, my uterus, and the baby ( whos name I believe to be Embree)

As of right now the biggest scare is in the next 2 weeks. Please pray that no infection in the uterus occurs or I go into pre-term labor.

Jimi has been a rock dealing with everything so I can focus in on going crazy in a hospital bed! Luca is staying just about 3 min away with Kristen and Louis. We are overwhelmed at all the help we've been offered and received with Luca. She is of corse our main concern. We'll need to hire someone to watch her on more full time bases soon but for now our basses are pretty much covered.

Thank you all so much for the Food, flowers, support, child care, and prayer . It is unbelievable how much support we feel around us. I'm especially touched considering this isn't even my home town.

My goal in life right now is to not deliver until about April 5 at the least. Thats about 75 days... OMG ahhhh....

A few People have asked where we are so heres my new address.

Florida Hospital Orlando

Naomi Storey

601 E Rollins

Orlando Fl 32803

room 2505

One last thing for now because I have some Dr. coming in...


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  1. Today is 6/26/2014. I am so proud of you. I love all of you.