Wednesday, January 27, 2010


As of 2am this morning Ive been here for 10days... OMG. I can not believe it. 39 days to go for goal #1.

Last night my nurse said that I may just have a leak and not totally ruptured. This can be good because the hole or tear can heal itself and I could possible carry to full term or close to it. There is no real way to tell and in either case I still need to be in hospital on bed rest, but the news made me not terrified of my own body today! Jimi spent the conversation texting, while Louis asked tons of important questions than I didn't even think of! Hilarious! Way to step up Godfather! And his dream of a girlfriend made me my fav pasta salad so I will actually eat lunch this week. The hospital food is so bad here that I lost weight this week. Dont worry ill be gaining it all back as I eat a lb. of pasta this afternoon!

I have a nice weekend to look forward to. Thanks to my dreamy inlaws Jenny&Tracy, and generous church, Emily is starting her drive down this afternoon to nanny for Luca while Im in here. It makes me feel so much better to know she will be on a nice routine and not be juggled around or in day care. I feel so incredible blessed to have such amazing family in my life. If there is anything I am seeing while in here, it is that God always provides in abundance for my family. I have seen it over and over again in my life, but when it comes to my daughter it just brings it to a new level.

Thank you all for the cards, flowers, and packages this week. My dear friend Abby sent me a book that I am excited to get back into this afternoon, and my dad, Jason&Dana and my church sent cards and flowers. So much cheer in this dismal hospital room.

Well I have to go send Luca off with Jenn for the day.
Please keep the prayers coming our way, and a safe drive for Emily.


  1. That's great news about a possible leak on not a rupture! Keep your spirits high girl, I think though this is the hardest thing you've probably ever experienced, it's the time you'll see God's grace and love the most, in ways you could never imagine.....we pray for you guys every night at family devos!

  2. Hey Nomi, that is great I have something to send to you and I hope people will keep the cheer coming, and for God's sakes make them feed you well. :)