Saturday, January 23, 2010


well I had some encouraging dates last night. My old boss sent his friend in who works at the NICU unit in this hospital and told me it would be so great if i can get to 30 wks! easier to wrap my mind around. so my new goal is march 7th! now of coarse it'd be best and id love to make it to 32 or 34 wks but 30 is in sight for now, and once I reach that one I can go day to day.
so mark your calenders and start praying for March 5th to be the soonest this lil man arrives. that is 43 days away! a lot better than 80 or whatever I was thinking before. My exhausted, scared, and hormonal math skills should be ashamed of themselves.

well today is the first day that Jimi has spent the entire day with me in the room and you would think hes been here for a month. Every time he complains, I can not help but wanna kill him. i mean come on ive been here for a week straight while hes been here for a few hours. boys! but really he has been so amazing, sleeping on the worst foldout I have ever seen every night and then having to work and take care of Luca. I married well above what I deserved : )

Luca is having a party at her friend Gavin's house this weekend. Jimi forgot to pact her clothes so shes been a tomboy for once! she probable loves it. so over all the dresses I make her wear day and night!

Well today has not been to bad. Its so nice to have company.

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  1. You're funny. I feel your writing is improving already.
    I remember one time in homeschooling when Mom made me check yours' and Jesse's papers and they were good, and I remember telling her that you were both good writers but I didn't know why you didn't think so.

    That's awesome about the new date to shoot for! We're just praying the little guy stays in as long as he's supposed to, but you're right, the new math sounds way better than the old, lol.

    Did you see that chick who was Winnie on that old TV show has a book out called "Math Doesn't Suck?" I would want to buy it except it's clearly about math and I don't believe her.